Tennis Racquet Stringing


There are hundreds of string options available for tennis players. But as a player, all that matters is which strings are the best for YOU.

Here is some general information about the playing characteristics of the most used string types.


Generally these are all-around performance strings that provide a good combination of feel, power, durability, and value.
Price 25.00


The core of these strings can be comprised of a few, hundreds, or thousands of fibers. Multifilament strings provide feel, comfort, and power. They are also very forgiving and are great for players with arm issues. If you hit hard and use a lot of spin, durability will be an issue. You definitely would want to use a thicker gauge.
Price 30.00-40.00


Durable, spin enhancing, and control oriented, polyester strings are a good option for hard hitting string breakers. But be aware, polyester strings are generally VERY stiff and can be hard on your arm. They also loose tension quickly. Many people make the mistake of playing with polyester strings until they break. Once they go “dead” your arm is absorbing much more shock than it should. Combining them with a softer more forgiving cross string can be a good solution.
Price 30.00-40.00


VERY durable and spin enhancing, Kevlar is a very underrated string type. It addition to not breaking quickly, Kevlar holds tension very well. And because of its’ rough texture due to braided construction, It is as spin enhancing as many polyester strings. Kevlar strings up VERY tightly. Because of this we string it at much lower tensions than most players expect. Kevlar MUST be used in a hybrid combination with a softer more for giving string. We have had great success using Kevlar Hybrids for extreme string breakers.
Price 30.00-35.00


Until the 70’s Natural Gut was overwhelmingly the most used type of string. Made from cow and previously sheep intestines, Natural gut provides unmatched feel, power, and is still THE best string as far as shock dampening. (Good For Your Arm) No matter what any string says on its packaging, NOTHING feels like Natural Gut. Strung correctly, it also holds tension very well. Due to its very intricate manufacturing process, it is by far the most expensive string. If you aren’t a big string breaker it is worth it to try Natural Gut.
Price 60.00-75.00

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