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Hardcore Tennis is not a big tennis store, but we are huge on knowledge and customer service!

Unlike most tennis stores, at Hardcore Tennis all of us actually play tennis, and at a fairly decent level. Our staff includes former NCAA Division I players, and players who have won individual city, state, and sectional titles. Being able to feel the difference in the technologies allows us to help you find the tennis equipment that is best for YOUR game - not just sell you the most popular racquet or the “hottest” string that may be useless to you.

So if you love tennis and care about your equipment as much as we do, you need to make a visit to Hardcore Tennis much sooner than later!

What’s So Special About Hardcore Tennis?

  • It is the #1 Tennis Store in Atlanta for product knowledge and customer service
  • Guaranteed Same Day Stringing! Usually Within One Hour
  • Great Selection Of Shock Dampening, Easy On Your Arm Racquets
  • By Far The Best Racquet String Selection In Atlanta
  • Very Unique High Quality Apparel At Great Prices
  • The Most Fun Cool Staff You’ll Ever Find At A Tennis Store